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DBA UCMT students | Congratulations on 13 New Doctors in University of Cote d’Azur!

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

After Learning and training in DBA courses,, the instructor and, under the guidance of professor Chen zige, Guo Yumin, He Zhixiong, Hu Wei, Huang Bo, Shen Guochun, Sun Peng, Wang Jiping, Wang Yanhui, Wang Zhigang, Xu Juan, Zhang Xin, Zhu Yuhao , all thirteen …thirteen PhD students pass defense (in no particular order)!!!!!!We are willing to create miracles without fear of the future!



The DBA program focuses on practical needs and comprehensive educational concepts, providing students with the opportunity to study in both countries, to experience the differences between Eastern and Western cultures and cultivate their awareness of global leaders with an immersive perception. The teaching content is rich and practical. The selected courses and high-end forums help to broaden students' strategic vision, develop innovation ability, improve management ability and exert greater influence. All seminars and courses are taught by professors from the Chinese and French sides and senior managers from large enterprises from both countries, encouraging one-on-one exchanges.


During the writing of the thesis, UCMT students will be accompanied by a professional academic coach team to follow up the writing of the thesis, and organize several paper answering sessions of the Chinese professor team every month, and doctoral students can also get the guidance of the French tutor. At the same time, in the academic Open Day once a month, students can also learn the writing methods of industrial professors and outstanding alumni and draw on relevant experience.

Tutelage: UCMT- Superintendent + Academic coach + Industrial professor

Professional comments: Supervisors and coaches provide professional paper writing advice, help to determine the topic range and adjust the structure of the paper

Teaching by example: Professors of industry will personally talk about their experience in writing papers

The defense was witnessed by both Chinese and French tutors and professors. Thank you very much to Prof. Ming Dong, Prof. Qingliang Gu, Prof. Peihong Xie, Prof. Qinhong Zhang, Prof. Pei Huang, Prof. Jie Li, Dr. Zhigang Song and Prof.Marc Valax, Prof.Roland Asaker, Prof.Stela Raytcheva and Prof.Nadine Tournois provided constant guidance to doctoral students during their dissertation creation.

The thesis defense process includes scientific research, thesis topic selection and writing, doctoral thesis report, questions from the defense committee, answers from doctoral students, votes and reviews by the defense committee, and announcements of the results of the review.

The defense process of each student (online defense of epidemic causes)

The professors present here fully affirmed the research work of the 13 doctoral students, inquired about the relevant content, and gave suggestions for the further improvement of the graduation thesis.

The defense committee believes that the of the above 13 doctoral students are rich in content, reasonable in structure, sufficient in data and rigorous in conclusion. It reflects that the students have mastered the relevant theoretical basis and have the ability to conduct scientific research independently. During the defense process, the students expressed themselves clearly and answered the questions of the defense committee accurately and clearly. The defense committee unanimously agreed to pass the thesis defense and suggested to award the doctoral degree.

The road to pursue a doctoral degree is hard and lonely. Although there have been confusion and setbacks, these are the most precious wealth on the road of life, which is not only memory but also strength. This defense is a perfect end to the doctoral career of these 13 students, and also a motivation for them to go further in the future!

UCMT, relying on 20 years of global education experience and resources, adheres to the concept of "lifelong learning", combines with a deep understanding of the current business environment and digital technology, and focuses on the whole process of knowledge empowerment, to provide customized and personalized talent training solutions for organizations and individuals. At present, UCMT partners with more than 20 universities, including Universite de Gaulle du Pont, Universite de Montpellier, Universite d 'Azur, etc.

The PhD program of these 13 PhD students is the DBA program of the University of Cote d 'Azur in France.

Universite Cote d'Azur (ComUE) : is a consortium of 13 institutions in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur region of France, including the University of Nice and other elite business schools and top scientific and academic institutions. The members are mainly the former University of Nice. Universite d 'Azur aims to create a new French university model for the 21st century, based on new interactions between disciplines, new forms of collaboration between research, teaching and innovation, and strong partnerships with business and localities.

In January 2016, the UCA-JEDI project of the University of Cote d 'Azur was awarded the prestigious "IDEX" award by the French government, which placed it among the 10 best universities in the world class in France.

Introduction to the DBA Program at the University of Cote d 'Azur

DBA is a professional doctoral degree program, which originated from a joint project of researchers and practitioners at Harvard University in the United States a century ago. In the 1990s, the DBA program was introduced in France. At present, more and more enterprise managers across the country have benefited greatly from this program.

French DBA azure coast university teaching is aimed at senior management personnel that have rich practical experience and a certain management theory, Through the study of the DBA, students can express themselves in the work of different unique vision and thoughts, and engage in more elite talent exchange and sharing, and update their management mindset.

The goal of DBA training in University of Cote d 'Azur is to teach students how to think about management in a deeper way. Through theoretical learning, students can constantly generate new ideas and express them in a more rigorous and scientific way. By publishing papers in academic journals, students can improve themselves in the field of management.

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