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UCMT- Inauguration of Rural Research Base for Rural Revitalization

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

UCMT Rural Revitalization Research Base officially settled in the southern countryside. On the morning of July 30, 2022, the unveiling ceremony of "UCMT-Southland Rural Revitalization Research Base" was held in the Science and Technology Museum of Southland Rural House.

Wu Shulin, general manager of Nayuan Investment Company, Du Shuliang, President of UCMT-Montpellier Alumni Association, Liang Baoling, assistant to UCMT Chairman, and alumni from the "UCMT-Southland Village" research team attended the unveiling ceremony. This marks another step in the deep cooperation between UCMT and alumni enterprises.

After the unveiling ceremony, UCMT alumni, accompanied by general Manager Wu Shulin, visited Sugong Village, the location of the South Country village.

Zhou Chundi, Secretary of the Village Committee, and Long Daoxin, first secretary of Sugong Village, introduced the situation and future development plan of Sugong Village in detail, and led everyone to experience the atmosphere of Sugong village.

Sugong Village is located in the southeast of Shuangqiao Town, Wuming District, 14 kilometers away from the town government. There are 6 natural villages and 10 villagers' groups in the village, with 3,385 people in 1,008 households. The area of arable land is 4280 mu, of which 3200 mu of paddy field, 1580 mu of terraced fields, 11211 mu of forest area, and 150 mu of water area. Wogan is the main cash crop in Sugong Village, with a planting area of more than 5,000 mu.

The project promotes the deep integration of agriculture, forestry and tourism, education, culture, health and other industries through the pairing of villages and enterprises, and adopts the concepts of "tourism +" and "ecology +" to create a comprehensive rural development model that is jointly built and driven by both urban and rural areas. It will have an important demonstration significance in modern agriculture and rural tourism to drive farmers out of poverty and get rich, new rural housing construction technology demonstration to lead the improvement of rural living environment, and grassroots party organization co-construction to promote rural cultural life and spiritual civilization construction.

The afterglow of the setting sun spreads to the earth, and the warm glow of the sunset reflects the landscape. After wandering in the haze of the epidemic for months,We were mesmerized by the chance glimpse of the beautiful evening scenery in this rural area.

Different from the steel forest in the city, the strong natural atmosphere emanating from the rural countryside touched every alumnus present. Warm bonfires lit in the earth, gorgeous fireworks blooming in the sky, away from the hustle and bustle of the world, we enjoyed

the starry night, savored life in the countryside. They wanted to seize the rare leisure time, let the little bit of beauty in this trip, just like the fireworks in the night sky, leaving shining luster in the long river of time.

UCMT Alumni Club aims to build an interactive platform for alumni and be the harbor behind them. UCMT Alumni Club has launched a series of research trips to explore the mountains and rivers together with alumni, visit the five mountains of Kyushu, share the peace and tranquility of time during the journey, and renew the friendship of the university when we gather together.

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