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Words for the DBA UCMT students

The DBA degree was given its start at Harvard Business School in 1953. By 1960, the DBA had become the de facto business doctorate at Harvard.


A PhD is a research degree for candidates who would like to pursue a career in academia and conduct research that contributes to business knowledge or theory; while a DBA is more focused for working professionals who have practical experience in their field and wish to apply existing theories and knowledge to current business problems.


Words from Pr. Fanghua Wang:

Pr. Fanghua Wang, President of the Shanghai Society of Management Science, former Dean of Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Shanghai Management Science Forum.


From the perspective of personnel training, a doctorate is the highest level of education among all degrees. DBA is a special business management model, it combines solving problems with management research, and reflects our understanding and application of management at a higher level.


Words from Dr. Yuewei Jiang:

Dr. Yuewei Jiang, President of UCMT, President of the World Lifelong Education Committee (CMA) Asia, Chairman of Management Thought Practice Society ( EMSS), Chairman of the Global Association of Doctors of Business Administration (GDA).


The moment you get the diploma is not the end of the learning journey, but the new beginning of learning, because you need to practice what you have learned in the development of the enterprise.


Words for the DBA students:

The DBA program will be a new starting point for you to move forward bravely and open a new chapter in your life. In the face of an environment full of complexity and uncertainty, we need to embrace change and stick to our faith; we need to persist to break through, innovate and grow.

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