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About UCMT

UCMT is an all-inclusive application-oriented business school in Switzerland. With the motto  " Exploring uncharted territories", it is committed to building a future-oriented all-inclusive applied research school with no limit on time and no limitation on space, no restriction on disciplines. UCMT is committed to cultivating GLOCAL leaders who have both global thinking and local execution capabilities, and who practice social responsibility.


UCMT consists of the School of Global Business Administration, School of Financial Technology, School of Intelligent Manufacturing, School of Health Management, School of Digital Technology, and School of Education Management. The school offers diploma programs for doctors, masters, and professional undergraduates, such as : Master in Sustainable Management, Doctor in Sustainable Management, Doctor in Global Leadership (GDBA), Doctor in Education Management (DEM), Doctor in Intelligent Manufacturing Management (DIMM), Master in Intelligent Manufacturing Management (MIMM), and Doctor in Health Management (DHM), Master of Health Management (MHM), Doctor in Digital Technology Management (DDT), Doctor of Digital Economy Management (DDE), Doctor in Financial Management (FDBA) and other courses.


 UCMT has established the China-Europe Research Workshop (ECR), and participates actively in and has initiated many academic conferences and journals on applied research around the world, such as the Academy of Management AOM, the SCIS, Shanghai Management Science SMS, etc. UCMT has also established research centers such as the "Case Study Research Center", the "Coopetition and Symbiosis Research Center", the “Digital Research Center”, the "Globalization Research Center", "LWT (Leading with Technology) and "Heart·Management", aiming to carry out cutting-edge cross discipline knowledge exploration in management innovation, as well as business models, digital economy, etc., and accumulate knowledge assets that integrate Western management and Eastern wisdom.

UCMT and the Shanghai Management Science Society jointly hold the annual "Shanghai Management Science Forum" and a series of sub-forums, and focus on various industries and key areas to carry out a wealth of online and offline activities and lectures. As a member of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China, CMA (Lifelong Learning World Committee), EMSS (Management Thought Practice Society), and GDA (Global Doctor of Business Administration Association), UCMT brings together Chinese and Western management resources to provide teachers, students and alumni with a platform for development and exchanges.


Master's program: Train outstanding managers with global strategic thinking, excellent management acumen to lead innovation.

Doctorate program: Train entrepreneur thinkers with a global vision, cross disciplinary thinking, and sustainable development capabilities.



Our motto: Exploring uncharted territories

Our Vision: To become a cross disciplinary fusional applied research business school with no limits on time and no restrictions on space, no limitations on disciplines

Our Mission: Train leaders who have both global thinking and local execution capabilities, and practice social responsibility

Our Partner 

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