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UCMT knowledge can assign | How can we learn from in the moment of darkness? and how can we learn?

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

For more than forty years of reform and opening-up, China’s economy has made a great achievement, but only for the past three years, we've gone through too much uncertainty and "moment" to the darkness. The trade war between China and the United States, the pandemic, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, anti-monopoly, the double reduction, etc. Globalization is evolving rapidly, and new digital technologies are constantly emerging...

In the forty-year-long time scale, the high-speed economic growth in China is not the norm. In fact, "black swan", "ash rhinoceros" and "mad dog wave" are the norm of currently moment. The darkest moment now will not be the last. Choosing long term value and adapting to the changes are keys to a normal life.

1. Cognitive level, which level are you on?

The cognitive system can be considered at three levels: the outermost level is what- what it is ; The middle layer is how- how to do; At the core is why- why is this.

-What is it-

The phenomena that we face every day are very complex and rapidly changing and if we don't have a very strong ability to redefine, we tend to get caught up in the complexity of the phenomena and fail to grasp the essence of the situation.

-How to do -

What are our specific initiatives? Even if we have many years of experience in an industry, the applicability of our inherent experience is limited in a volatile environment, and many approaches are discrete. If we can't refine these discrete methods in a systematic way, then it is often based on empirical judgment without systematic analysis and decision-making, let alone the formation of sustainable organizational capabilities.

-Why is it -

When we make business decisions, we're really looking for connections between things. These connections are often obscured by the complex and cumbersome noise of reality. In this case, removing the interference and grasping the essence, understanding the cause-effect relationship between things becomes a scientific problem requiring objective research. Therefore, if we cannot master scientific research methods and find the "crux" of real problems, we will often face incalculable risks when making decisions.

2. Systematic learning, insight into the nature

In the current era, systematic and systemic learning is needed. The systematic learning process is: "find the phenomenon - put forward the problem - analyze the reasons - solve the problem - summarize and refine". It is not only a process of knowledge absorption, but also a process of ability internalization, learning and perfecting the methodology of solving problems on the basis of knowledge system construction. Systematic learning is to see the essence through the phenomenon

In view of this, the "new business education", which is different from the traditional knowledge imparting in colleges and universities, deserves to be revalued. On the basis of focusing on "long-term value", the new business education focuses on the verification and internalization process of "theory and practice", "knowledge and application" and "thought and experience". The more uncertain we are, the more we should re-examine the importance of cognitive level improvement from the perspective of "long-term value".


3. Cognitive value & Link value

In the“Darkest hour”, two points of learning value need to be evaluated.

- First of all, the value of "cognition" - we need to systematically learn knowledge, scientifically analyze and explore it, put forward new concepts, and have our own "know-how" solutions combined with practical application. This is the biggest value of systematic learning in my opinion. This requires us to put forward new "theories" and form a higher "cognition". However, the methodology of scientific analysis is the only way to systematic learning. This is the lack of "metaphysical" philosophical methodology in the development of our Chinese enterprises. This is the "root" and " nature " of all our learning and analysis. It is also the "wisdom" that helps us see through the essence behind the problem.

the second is the value of the "links" - classmates from different backgrounds are of great value: our “desk mate", "classmate", "alumnus", and "alumnae", are resources of certainty. We can learn from each other and take care of each other. This relationship network is necessary in the industry. In the digital era, what do we have is not as important as what we can link with. Aside from lifelong learning, the link between classmates, professors, and companies, are more significant than being successful.

4. Write it at the end

Many people would say, what matters is a piece of paper "certificate". I would like to say that, as a learning outcome, certificate is valuable, it has a natural attraction, but it is more important for us to refresh ourselves and improve our cognition in the process. The future business society will no longer worship "diploma " or "graduation endorsement". The vision of future is what matters. Only through a view of changing can we achieve sustainable development and prosper.

Last but not least, systematical study is not the "choice" but "the necessity" for current moment. Survival is important, but studying should come first. If you only care about the short term profit, you would be devastated when another “black swan” shows in the future.

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