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Intelligent Manufacturing Management

School of Intelligent Manufacturing Management is established for the transformation and upgrading of the global intelligent manufacturing industry in the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. It integrates intelligent manufacturing, enterprise management and theoretical knowledge to cultivate enterprise leaders in the field of intelligent manufacturing.



ENPC-DIMM (Intelligent Manufacturing Management)

École des Ponts Paris Tech (ENPC), a member of the Paris Union of Universities of high-tech engineers, is one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Based on the development of talents in the field of intelligent manufacturing in recent years, the DIMM programs in the field of intelligent manufacturing has emerged.

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ISTEC-DIMM (Intelligent Manufacturing Management)

DIMM program of the superior Institute of Commercial Sciences, Technics and Economics (ISTEC) is created, in response to the needs of global manufacturing transformation, to cultivate entrepreneurs with an international view in the high-level intelligent manufacturing industry.

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