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Health Management

By redefining the meaning of Industry-Academia-Research (IAR), the School of Health Management has more closely combined truth-seeking, pragmatical education and industrial empowerment, and contributes greatly to the development of China's big health industry and social economy.


Adhering to the direction of "creating a globally influential "university-industry-research" ecosystem", and "prompting excellent academic education and its services", UCMT has established a school specializing in the health industry, and vigorously promoted industrial research and professional systems.


UCMT expects to create the atmosphere of " integration of knowledge and action", return to the origin of the integrated education development of Industry-Academia-Research, and create a virtuous circle of IAR.


With a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of various sub-sectors of big health, the school starts to study the current status and future trends of the industry from multiple disciplinary perspectives and promotes excellent management theory and practice to the world.


UM-MHM (Medical Health Management)

Master of Medical Health Management Program will effectively combine the professional knowledge of the medical and health industry with the systematic knowledge in the management field, so as to facilitate the establishment of medical and health institutions.

PPT ENPC DHM 0408.jpg


UM-DHM (Health Management)

DHM focuses on broadening the global vision, building a global thinking, and combining the actual needs of the professional field with the theory, so as to apply it to the industry practice.


ISTEC & POLIMI -DHM (Health Management)

ISTEC & POLIMI health management doctorate program relies on the strength of ISTEC 's advanced medical and health science and innovation management, and helps students work in a fierce international environment and develop methodological skills and expertise in research and innovation.



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