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Global Business Administration

"Standing in the future, planning the future of the enterprise, developing global leadership"

Based on excellent global scientific research resources, the school of global business administration builds and shares industrial knowledge through academic research methodology. At the same time, the school relies on UCMT's global "study, industry and research" platform to enable students to discover and solve problems in a scenario-based manner from the perspective of the future and to develop global leadership.



UM - EMBA (Sustainability Management)

"Develop strategic opportunities and values of enterprises in the aspect of Environment, Society, and Governance”

EMBA (Sustainability Management) of Montpellier University helps students to use data and information to acquire knowledge from thinking framework, management practice, strategy and integration, especially under ESG terms, to help managers redefine the boundaries between enterprises and markets, and comprehensively cultivate and improve leadership and society. sense of responsibility.

The curriculum system will be divided into core management courses and professional ESG courses. Starting from the systematic management approach, combining the ESG concept in each course. To cultivate students' systemic thinking and strategic decision-making ability under ESG regulation.



"Cross-cultural innovation and global leadership"


With the acceleration of the globalization process, more and more enterprises are gradually integrated into the globalization process. Learning the management concepts and experience of globalization, coping with the global complexity , are the core competencies of executives who lead enterprises to face globalization process.


The UCA-EMBA program provides comprehensive courses, company visits, workshops and salons to executives who have rich management experience. Through this program, they can systematically express their unique vision and ideas with theoretical construction, so as to communicate and share with more global business leaders.



UM - EDBA (Sustainability Management)

"ESG reshapes the world, and sustainability management is the core competency for next decade. " 

UM-EDBA (in Sustainability Management) of Montpellier University provides executives with sustainablity management philosophy, theories, methods and tools. This program brings executives back into management and develop theoretical thinking out of practice knowledge. On the other hand, this program helps executives improve the ability of applying theoretical methodologies, theoretical knowledge into develop sustainability management practice.


UCA- DBA(Global Leadership)

"Cross-cultural innovation and global leadership"

The UCA DBA (in Global Leadership) program provides executives comprehensive management theories, research methodologies and academic experience with global context. This program helps executives build up global view of industry development, geography economy politics and culture, and leadership in the culture variety through courses, workshops, study tour, international conference, academic publishing.



The ISTEC & POLIMI DBA program is designed to help students develop methodological skills and expertise in research and innovation. At the same time, the student's company or organization may also benefit from this innovative project that applies international academic research methods.

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