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Education Management

The goal of the School of Education management is to combine the four modules of scientific method with logical thinking, and the competencies to achieve sustainable growth,theoretical application and globalization; master the ability of talent training, so as to break through the boundaries of inherent mindset and action followed, and promote social development through education.


The School of Education Management is committed to deeply excavating the characteristics of the education industry and researching enterprise management methods. Through industry market research and industry demand analysis, it builds a talent training system and improves a knowledge system to meet the learning needs of students at different levels.



ISTEC-DEM (Education Management)

The project always adheres to the mission of "advocating the concept of lifelong learning and the concept of glocal (global + local) to empower enterprises to develop globally and sustainably”. 

In 2019, UCMT and ISTEC jointly created the first DEM program in China.

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