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The UCMT-ISTEC Doctor of Education Management program aims to cultivate visionary leaders in the education industry with a global perspective and sustainable development capabilities. The ultimate educational goal is achieved through courses encompassing cognitive history, logical thinking, and academic research. The curriculum provides an overview of the industry's development history and economic evolution, coupled with in-depth analysis of current educational industry cases and ecosystems. This approach ultimately encourages breakthroughs in inherent thinking patterns and the establishment of innovative thought processes.

In addition to ensuring comprehensive knowledge input, the program offers a platform for students to output knowledge theory and practical experience through activities such as industry salons, mobile classrooms, and workshops.

Every student and enterprise involved in the program will benefit from ongoing growth and lifelong learning services provided by the project.


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  • Possess a master's degree in management or education, and at least 3 years of relevant industry management experience;
    Possess a master's degree in a non-management or education-related major, and must have at least 6 years of relevant industry management experience;
    Applicants with only a bachelor's degree must have more than 10 years of relevant industry management experience and provide additional materials for special application.

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