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Eastern Management Frontier - Heart Management Research Center

UCMT is based on the concept of "where the heart goes, the management goes", combined with modern management science theory and traditional Oriental philosophy wisdom. From the quantum mechanics, economics, organization research, efficiency research, human nature research, the role of human in the organization and other perspectives, we try to reach the forefront of science, in line with the current background of modern times and integrate western logic with eastern culture of the new management theory system. It implements the mutual complement and compatibility of Chinese and western management theory and contributes a humanity management theory which is based on "Tao". It also follows ecological principles, thus help Chinese business leaders and managers into constructing a decision-making mind within science and humanities, benefits and responsibilities, management and human nature, and eventually carry out it into the enterprise operation and management practice.


With the pace and process of contemporary China going global faster and faster, the transnational management practice of enterprises needs more universal theories to guide and apply to the changing "post-epidemic era". Compared to the western management that pays more attention to the exogenous management such as methodology, the eastern management pays more attention to the endogenous management such as people's feelings. This research center will provide relevant enterprises with thinking methods and path guidance on how to extract external events, phenomena and problems, and return to the internal problems of managers -- namely, from conscious awareness to subconscious awareness, and then from subconscious constructs to adjust behavior to conscious awareness, and from the mind to the environment, so as to truly achieve the unity of knowledge and action of managers. Moreover, with modern management tools to help improve the core competitiveness and management efficiency of enterprises, we tend to achieve the harmonious development and value symbiosis between organizations and employees.


Case Study Center

The Case Study Center is an "condense enterprise case stories and disseminate China's management practices" academic platform of enterprise brand jointly established by UCMT and industry expert.


The enterprise case is the reality representation of the specific management situation of the enterprise, and it is the capital of the business administration teaching system. Chinese enterprises, which have grown up under the background of special institutional culture and rapid changes, have unique management practices, which call for the emergence of Oriental management innovation theory based on local case studies.


UCMT case research center, responsible for enterprise with total coordination of related resources, to build on both enterprises and experts have long-term value of product solutions and reciprocity model, the general guidelines of writing case is provided by industry experts committee, and by the relevant experts and professors to form a team to implement the enterprise in the field of research and case writing work.


Summarizing and promoting enterprise management practices through case studies can, not only help enterprises build popularity and reputation, zt the same time, it can also provide process assets for enterprises to manage and share knowledge. That way, it also helps enterprises find management problems effectively, improve operation status and enhance core competitiveness.


Based on this platform, we hope to recruit industry experts, professors and DBA students to carry out various joint research.

We will organically link industry, learning and research together, and make the invisible story power achieve corporate brand influence.


Co-competition and Symbiosis Research Center

The National School of Development, Peking University, BiMBA Business School and UCMT have jointly established the Co-competition and Symbiosis Research Center. In the process of digitalization, synergy is the fundamental method to improve organizational efficiency and achieve high performance. Symbiosis refers to the dynamic process in which symbiosis units continuously seek synergies to achieve organizational growth within boundaries, organizational growth across boundaries, and system self-evolution, so as to achieve the optimal overall value.


By seeking symbiosis partners, enterprises establish a value network and create long-term value for common customers. Competition and cooperation can promote the coexistence, integration and complementarity of industries in competition. By studying the connection and symbiosis between enterprises, this research center provides customers with feasible schemes of symbiosis and symbiosis model, and provides a theoretical basis for the construction of symbiosis value network of enterprises.


Digital research Center

The Digital Research Center is an academic empowerment platform created by UCMT based on the enterprise management change demand of the digital age.

With organizational change and management innovation as the main research topics, the research center helps Chinese enterprises achieve technological, business and organizational transformation successfully in the digital era, and realize the optimization, innovation and restructuring of their value system. The so-called digital transformation begins with digital technology and ends with organizational change.However, no matter how the organization is reconstructed, it ultimately boils down to how to stimulate everyone's enthusiasm, initiative and innovation, so as to enhance the innovation ability and core competitiveness of enterprises, and realize the value symbiosis between organizations and individuals.


This research center will provide relevant enterprises with a series of courses and consulting services based on adjoint consulting and digital talent training program to help enterprises explore and implement effective digital transformation paths.


Globalization Research Center 

The Globalization Research Center aims to fund the study of globalization and international education and releverant research founding based on resource cooperation, which is jointly established by the School of Humanities of Jiaotong University, UCMT and Xuhui Qubo Science and Technology Innovation Promotion Center of Shanghai.


The Center for the Study of Globalization will build a bridge between the business community and the academic community, allowing enterprises and entrepreneurs in need of globalization or in the process of globalization to return to the first-class universities, and provide theoretical and practical basis for the globalization of China. The Center will widely promote across departments and disciplines, interdisciplinary cooperation, through the perspective of cultural integration and management, regular report published core journals, invitations of experts at home and abroad to give lectures, regularly organized a high-level international conference, visiting scholars, exploring new is given priority to with China, and aimed at the construction of human destiny community more tolerance on the road of globalization. Their ultimate aime is to create China's globalization theory, tell China's story in a language that the Western world can understand, integrate theoretical innovation and empirical research, and provide reliable and credible theoretical support for the globalization development of Chinese enterprises.

LWT-Leading with Technology

Lwt-leading with Technology was initiated by LWT's research members and UCMT to conduct basic and applied research on enterprises by means of disruptive technologies to help enterprises design tailored talent training programs and understand the risks of operation, the application of improving the potential of enterprise talents, and the cultivation of interdisciplinary talents with management and leadership based on technological innovation for future needs.


LWT research members: University of Montpellier, University of Cote d'Azur, NEOMA Business School, ISTEC, Technical University of Denmark, Polytechnic University of Lausanne, Technical University of Dresden, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Moscow Polytechnic University, Riga Polytechnic University, Paris-Saclay University , etc...

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