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Digital & Technology Management

School of Digital and Technology management is a professional talent training center to meet the management needs of digital enterprise technology research development, business transformation, intelligent operation, and organizational change under the background of the digital economy era and the upgrading of the digital transformation strategy of the whole industry.

With the mission of leading technological change and empowering enterprise development, the school is committed to cultivating leading corporate thinkers in the digital technology industry and empowering enterprises to develop sustainably, fulfilling the vision of becoming a value creator and service provider for lifelong education in the digital technology industry.



ISTEC-DDT (Digital & Technology Management)

ISTEC-DDT helps students seize the opportunities of digital transformation by learning the latest technologies and digitization management skills that can adapt to the trend of the times, empowering and innovating for their own enterprises.

UCA-DDE (Digital & ecosystem Management)

UCA-DDE provides students with the knowledge of information consumption, digital economy investment, digital trade and other fields related to the trends of digital industrialization development trends.

By studying at UCA, students can use the knowledge they have learned to effectively manage the digital transformation of enterprises, reduce enterprise transaction costs, improve operational efficiency, and comprehensively improve digital governance. Digital governance is gradually forming a multi-dimensional governance pattern. Therefore, collaborative governance capabilities need to be continuously improved to create a development environment that encourages innovation.

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